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We Take care of
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Personal needs.

We are a personal assistant company that takes care of incarcerated individuals needs on the outside, while they are inside.


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What our customers are saying

Robert Gilbert Robert Gilbert

Dear Inmates "R" US
Thank you and I surely appreciate your professionalism. Take care.

Tyreall Duboi Tyreall Duboi

Dear Inmates "R" US
I am grateful for your services, and I appreciate your patience.

Frank Hendricks Frank Hendricks

Dear Inmates "R" US
I thank you for writing and for all you do for me, it has been a great help and I have learned so much.

Jason Kurtz Jason Kurtz

Dear Inmates "R" US
Both is great! Ur doing awsome, btw. I love paying for good service. Im a huge believer in doing unto others....Keep up this level of service and ur biz will skyrocket. Hire more people if it does tho, lol šŸ˜‰ ur attentive and thats wut makes ur biz special.

Frank Hendricks Frank Hendricks

Dear Inmates "R" US
I truly thank you for all you have done to help me and I appreciate all you do, I have learned so much and none of it would have been possible without your help. Thank you again. God bless.

Evan mcnair Evan mcnair

Dear Inmates "R" US
Hey I loved your services, You was very professional and fast, I am definitely gonna promote your company and send you plenty names and state number

Leroy Townsend Leroy Townsend

Dear Inmates "R" US
Just wanted u 2 know u guys did a hell of a job

Tyreall Duboi Tyreall Duboi

Dear Inmates "R" US
You guys always do an exceptional job with all of the great services that you offer & the works always on point. Thank you!

Dereyk Morris Dereyk Morris

Dear Inmates "R" US
I'm going to be adding some more money to my account shortly because I'll never find anyone else to do what inmates r us does it's one of a kind.

Mecquon Jones Mecquon Jones

Dear Inmates "R" US
I have used prisoner assistance companies in the past. But, before doing so, I had plenty of questions for them to see if they were able to meet my wants and needs. I used each service for different reasons without a problem. Inmates R Us offers many services and I had many question for them before deciding to part ways with my money in August 2023. I'm currently using some of those services now and I am satisfied with my personal assistant's work. I attempted to send Inmates R Us more money but the Business Office here sent my request back to me and instructed me to go through my Social Worker. Most likely it is because I didn't have a ordering form and used a piece of paper listing the service that I needed: Legal/Internet Research, publishing, to name a couple. Hopefully, this gets worked out on my end. If you are looking for a one stop shop prisoner assistance company with affordable prices, Inmates R Us is the way to go. Tell them Mecquon J. Jones #402774 at FLCI sent you. Shout out to my assistant,Ā Evisu.

Georgene Vincent Georgene Vincent

Dear Inmates "R" US
Hello. I am a inmate in the Wisconsin prison system. I have taken time to contact inmates r us. So I have been greatly apprenticed by this company from the start. Their information and the services are amazing. And I am willing to continue to making them my resource. Their job discretion is amazing. They get done in a positive way and yes I would say as fast as the information is provided to them. I have a great overall over view. Also have recommended their services to others here. In hoping that others who I trust to contact them. Just like Tony the tiger would say...... Their; GREATTTT TTTTTT!so please friends and family please contact them today. You're going get wonderfulĀ services.

Starlet Kizzer Starlet Kizzer

Dear Inmates "R" US
Happy Holidays to you as well and thank you so much. I truly appreciate your services.

Gregory Gathers Gregory Gathers

Dear Inmates "R" US
I just received one envelope from you. Thereā€™s 3 pictures of my book cover. Beyond Good Work. You and your staff captured the moment. I couldnā€™t have done it better. Tell your teamĀ IĀ saidĀ Thanks!

Shane Turner Shane Turner

Dear Inmates "R" US
Aw, thanks Evisu. I really appreciate that. I must say that, of the services I've used this year, YOURS is by far the best. Everyone else, either screws up the order, over-charges, or just never even sends anything at all. More importantly, yours is the only service that gives me updates on what's going on with orders, takes input, or even communicates at all. For that, you are TOPS with me.

Joseph Wilborn Joseph Wilborn

Dear Inmates "R" US
Whoever you are you Evisu I cannot lie, you have some very impressive office skills You do a excellent job and I love every bit of it. You all at inmates r us are a good ass company. I like this company (smile)

Curtis Floyd Curtis Floyd

Dear Inmates "R" US
Wherefore, I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I'm glad you are there for me when I need your help in obtaining information and etc.. Thanks!

Robert Pettus Robert Pettus

Dear Inmates "R" US
Thank you. And I surely appreciate your professionalism. Take care.

Russell Sullivan Russell Sullivan

Dear Inmates "R" US
Keep the good work up.

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