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Introduce yourself to thought provoking concepts with “Above Your Pay Grade”,

The Facebook group is an original movement in uplifting humanity’s potential;

Challenge yourself to consider unique ideas that you never had before;

Know the power of intellectual dialogue to elevate your mental capabilities;

Sharpen your creative skills, interact directly with inspiring projects, and reach your creative goals;

Work on inspiring humanity with unselfish concepts, dedicated to Rebuilding community relationships worldwide;

Solve the most complicated problems like gun violence, immigration, prison reform, and much more.

Learn the art of effective communication and look beyond today’s thinking, for tomorrow’s possibilities;

Find guidance in pursuit of a meaningful and prosperous life:
100 challenges that you will not see coming. Are you ready for your intellectual upgrade?

Frank Hendricks

“Does Prison hurt friendships”

Are you a “open-minded” female over 35 and looking for a genuine friendship with a prisoner? I’ll keep it short and simple, I would like a sincere friendship with a mature female!

Email me @ [email protected]

E. Fresh


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