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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't do any legal work for clients. We will do research on cases via the internet and type motions, etc. For legal assistance, we can refer you to people to assist.

Request & completed requests are deleted every 30 days from our file


While we fulfill your request, we may have to make judgement calls as we process your requests. Please remain flexible in your request & our timelines on finishing certain documents.

The choice is up to you on what services that you want to use, whether you prefer the Membership deal or custom services.

Keep in mind that there is not a promised deadline for fulfilling “every” request posted because every request is different. Although most request can be done in a day depending on what it is, & when it is needed, please consider the weekend, & holidays we are not open. Also consider the Facility mail system could cause delays or postal service issues.

Typically 5 business days or less.

We accept Payments via website, Cashapp, Venmo, money orders, & bp-199

First-time clients use the membership page.

Existing clients use payment pages.


YES. We do provide estimates if requested.

The way to contact us currently is through text or corrlinks, email, or mail. The fastest way to send request is via corrlinks or text.If texting, please reference your last name & ID number.

Facility policies & rules are different amongst different BOP facilities& state facilities. It is your responsibility to follows those rules & regulations & update us on different procedures that might affect our service to us. The services that we offer are here to be tailored & accepted by the Facility if you do not abuse them. The Facility can reject mail based on individuals’ issues. It is the Individual’s responsibility to follow up with his/her mail room or Facility business office if there is a problem with receiving their mail. If the issue cannot be resolved, file an administrative remedy or grievance. Protect your rights.

Contact us directly so we can know how to better help you to see if we can assist you. All services aren't guaranteed to be completed. We use our discretion on what to offer clients.

We do not have the authority to add any special wording on the mail that is sent out to you.

We do not offer refunds of any kind for services rendered.
Each client has their own account file. Every time a request is made its logged in our Clients Log & documented.
We cannot forward letters or money from Facility to Facility. So please do not send mail that is going to another institution, or it will be destroyed.
The day that you email us a request is the day we received it. Request that are sent in the mail is logged by the day that we receive it in the po box which is checked daily. We process all our request by membership status & order of receipt. DO NOT send us another request about the same request two or three days after you wrote the first one or emailed us. We will get back to you via email/Mail that we received it with a time frame, or the request completion itself. You need to allow us time for us to receive, process & mail the request back to you or a time frame.
The account may be closed at any time with a written request via corrlinks or mail.

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