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  • Standard One Year Profile: Includes 250 words and  three photos  $30
  • Additional Photo:$2
  • Additional Words: Every 50 words $5
  • Text Change: 250 words bio change $0 
  • Photo Change: Replace existing photo with another $0 each
  • Additional Photo/Artwork: $2 each
  • Additional Words: Every 50 words $2
  • Standard Profile Renewal: Extends profile for one year. 250 words and one photo/artwork may be changed with renewal $50
  • Additional Photo: $2
  • Additional words ( each 50 words) : $5

Thank you for choosing us as your pen pal provider! Our Pen Pal service is $50 a year.

Profile updates can be made two times within the year for free. This includes BIO change or replacing photos.

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  • Up to 10 different penpal groups on Facebook

You are allowed to put your text number in your bio. If you have a 3rd party address please put that on the application, and in your bio, you can let people know where you are incarcerated. People will contact you via the information you provide in your profile or bio. We send you proof of your profile once we have completed your posting. People on the outside can list your bio for you via our website or make payments towards your profile. Here is a brochure of other services we offer as well. You can fill out the brochure application or paper application whichever is easiest for you. All photos will be returned with proof. You can also send us your bio and info via corrlinks and JPAY. 

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MUST READ  :Please allow 3 weeks for processing from the day we have received all required information
and payment. Your photo/artwork will be returned to you with a printout of your profile. We are not
responsible for lost mail. Our service in no way gives you the ability to communicate over the Internet with others. We do not control who contacts you or how many people contact you. We just provide the service of posting your profile on the said sites. We have no control over how many hits that you may receive by using our service nor we guarantee that either.
It is a correspondence program using the US Postal Service. Knowingly placing fraudulent information
is a violation of our policies. Service is non-transferable. You can cancel service at any time by
submitting your request in writing. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse service at any time for
any reason and fully refund any remaining balance. By submitting your application & payment you agree to comply with all policies set forth by your correctional facility, all governing laws, and our Terms of Service (https://inmatesrus.com/about/terms-of-service/) & privacy policy, which include an arbitration agreement and prohibit class actions. To receive a copy of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by mail, send a request to us via the same mailing address.

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