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Anson Chi

Police Brutality & Torture Victim Begs You 4 Help

I’m a victim of police brutality with the severe, permanent injuries to prove it all. However, I’ve been stopped from getting a simple medical exam for over 10 years now. I have lots of incontrovertible evidence–police brutality photographs; forced confession; medical records of police brutality/misconduct; even news interviews with FOX, ABC, and CBS about the police brutality, etc

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Starlet Kizer

Starlets Petition for Clemency

On November of 2010, a Federal Grand Jury indicted me, my Mother, my ex-boyfriend and two of his friends on a four count indictment for Armed Bank Robbery, I was acquitted for one robbery, but was convicted of two counts of aiding and abetting in the brandishing of a weapon; 924(c).


Zonta Elison

Assistance & Relief for myself from unlawful arrest, wrongful convictions & sentences

Hello! My name is Zonta Ellison and I am 43 years of age from Charlotte North Carolina, currently incarcerated at FCI RAYBROOK in RAYBROOK NEW YORK. I am the proud father of three daughters and two granddaughters whom keep me focused and strong. I’ve always wanted more in life and possessed a thirst for knowledge and learning. Not having a father present gave me the drive to give my daughters the life I didn’t get! After several run-ins with the law and becoming fed-up with incarceration, I diligently pursued change however, the judicial system wasn’t ready to let me change. 


Lawrence Jackson

Allow DNA Testing To Prove Innocence!

How are you today? My full name is Lawrence Edward Jackson, Jr, and I’m 45 years of age. I was born in Washington, DC but raised throughout Prince George’s County, Maryland. At present, I’m being housed as a prisoner here at the North Branch Correctional Institution [N. B. C. I] located in Cumberland, Maryland under Inst. No 320. 330. I’ve been incarcerated for the last past twenty (20) years of my life for a robbery / murder conviction passed down by a jury of twelve (12) and was ultimately sentenced to life plus 140 years. The only way I can prove my claim of actual innocence and wrongful conviction is through DNA testing on physical evidence which are two (2) black ski masks known as State’s Exhibits 171 and 173 respectively.


DMF Philly

Dereyk Morris Foundation LLC


 Helping our youth and their families to Productively spend time Learning about a Healthier Lifestyle and Specific skills and or tools needed.