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What is Inmates “R’’ Us?

Trustworthy, reasonable, Fair, and understanding services

We are a Personal Assistant Company that takes care of your needs personally tailored for you.

We know the struggle of depending on outside help. Family, Friends, & others are sometimes busy or not knowledgeable enough to help with your personal needs.
Take it from us we empathize with you & this struggle. We are individuals that have been in your place before. We can relate to your struggles, & frustration of getting things done. The services that we offer are ones that we believe will help you integrate back into society & make your time easier while incarcerated.
We believe that these services are essential to your life, & you deserve to get the help you need.
Our vision of Inmates “R” Us is to bring society together with incarcerated individuals. To shed light on what incarceration is about. We require your trust, & support while we continue to bring the best services that you might need. This is a rewarding opportunity for us to be able to help you. Any suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank You,

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